Get Ready for Bathing Suit Season…

It’s that time a year again when the warm weather begins and we have wonderful thoughts of summer days on the beach and the pool. And then one day we look in the mirror and realize our summer dreams did not include the extra weight we put on over the winter. So what can be done in a short time to look our best in our favorite swimsuits? First, take a deep breath and visualize your realistic ideal weight. Losing 5–10 pounds by Independence Day will not be difficult. The first step is to increase your activity level and do more cardiovascular training. This is the best way to shed unwanted weight in a short time. Just by doing 30–45 minutes of cardio, 3–4 times a week, can burn 1000–1600 calories a week. Now that it is nice out, we can start a moderate jog, or bicycle ride before or after work. Next step is to develop a healthy meal plan of roughly 5–6 nutritious meals per day. Most people skip meals or grab unhealthy fast food which can slow down your metabolism and add additional calories to your daily intake. By eating more proportioned meals every 4 hours will allow your digestive system to work more efficiently and give you more energy throughout your busy day, therefore burning more calories. Let’s not forget about the most important element in healthy eating which is WATER. Drink lots of it throughout your day instead of those sweet carbonated drinks with empty calories. Water with fresh lemon is good for your body and taste great too. Losing weight is a mindset of positive momentum to ultimately look and feel better. It all starts with a goal and the desire to feel your best.

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