Fusion Fitness Team

Fusion is a family-owned gym in the heart of Long Beach, staffed by a tight-knit team of local residents.

Jason Kerr          Megan Tripptree          Sarah Palermo          Robyn Littman

Jason Kerr

Owner & Master Trainer

Jason has over 10 years experience. He holds specializations in TRX, Kettlebell, Post-natal Fitness, Bootcamp, Nutrition, Nueromuscluar Stretching, and Kickboxing.         Read More

Megan Tripptree

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

After graduating from Long Beach Highschool, Megan obtained a 4 year degree from East Carolina University and is now a certified Health Fitness Specialist. Having battled with self-confidence and weight management in the past, she understands the struggle and is eager to help her community overcome these obstacles.        Read More

Sarah Palermo

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Sarah became a member of Fusion in early 2014 and has since dropped 20lbs. Her experience at Fusion inspired her to obtain her NASM Certification, and now she’s ready to pay it forward!        Read More

Robyn Littman

Yoga Instructer & Registered Dietician

Robyn studied at Cornell Medical Center and has been in practice for over 10 years. In addition to her work here at Fusion, she conducts local nutrition seminars and works for Long Beach Medical Center. She grew up in Oceanside, and is now a proud mother of three.        Read More