Small Group Training

Above and beyond typical gym classes and just before Personal Training, lies the perfect and affordable solution we call Fusion Small Group Training.

Enjoy the benefits of a Certified Personal Trainer, at a fraction of the cost. Workout with a group of 4 to 6 like-minded individuals, under the instruction of a personal trainer. Our Small Group Sessions focus on specific goals and challenge each participant individually. You’ll find camaraderie amongst your workout buddies and develop a sense of responsibility towards the group- like being part of a team!

Fusion’s Small Group Training is very different from any other fitness classes which are generally over-crowded, offer little instruction and aren’t specific to your needs, fitness level or physical capabilities. Fusion’s Small Group Training is designed to give each participant specific instruction with safe, effective and progressive workouts. Everyone in class is striving for similar goals whether it is to lose weight, gain strength or stamina, or to simply enjoy the company and friendly competition of other members.

We offer an array of options for those who are just getting started, as well as those looking to switch up their regular routine. Yoga, Kettlebells, TRX, and Kickboxing are just a few of the small group sessions offered at Fusion in Long Beach. Check out the schedule here.