Resistance training offers a host of benefits beyond the obvious of building muscle mass and toning up your body. First, resistance training increases bone density which can help prevent osteoporosis. Having a strong skeletal system is paramount to good posture, functionality, and maintaining a strong foundation for your muscular system. Second, working out with free weights can improve stability and balance as a result of core activation. Although the primary muscle groups are being challenged, the core infrastructure, where all movement begins, must work to keep the body stable while allowing other muscle groups to work effectively. Resistance training also improves your cardiovascular system by elevating your heart rate and expending calories. Even though training in these parameters does not provide constant heart rate elevation, it does challenge the hearts ability to recover quickly. Coordination is another area that can be dramatically improved through various and challenging free motion exercises. As you vary your planes of motion and incorporate bi-lateral movement, you increase your ability for reaction and agility. Finally, let’s not forget the primary benefit of resistance training, which is increasing the overall muscle strength. Having more strength doesn’t just mean you can lift more; it means better functionality with everyday tasks and movement. To sum up, strive to work out with weights, machines, resistance bands or any other equipment that will challenge each muscle group at least three times a week and you will see results far beyond looking great. If you have any questions about training, always ask a fitness professional.

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