Nutritional Consultations

Maybe you’re always on the go, and eating healthy seems too time consuming. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a food allergy and are looking for creative alternatives. Maybe the idea of “healthy eating” conjures unpleasant thoughts of icky, expensive green juice. Or heck, maybe you’ve got this nutrition thing down pat, and want to stay informed with scientific articles and creative recipes… But if you’re like most of us, the newest fad diet probably has you pillaging the supermarket for gimmicky labels like “gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, sugar-free” which all seem to translate to “flavor-free!”. Healthy eating is a life-long behavioral change that contributes to heart health, weight loss and weight control, energy levels and stress management. Your diet impacts your performance at work, your personal relationships, your confidence, and your mood. Its a process that seems incredibly daunting amidst media hype and endless marketing schemes. Robyn, our registered dietician, will simplify it for you with informed and effective ways to get started and stay static. For example, she’ll help you read and decipher nutrition labels. She’ll help demystify the vitamin isle by recommending which supplements are right for you, and explaining why. She’ll teach you how to shop smarter, and advise where to find affordable healthy ingredients. She’ll provide delicious recipes based on your specific plan and teach you how to meal prep. And she’ll always be there to answer your questions, like “What do I order when I’m eating out?” and “How much post-workout protein is enough?” A healthy diet and regular exercise will enrich your life, so begin the journey today with expert advice and on-going support from a registered dietician. Our dietician is available in Long Beach, New York by appointment. Give us a call, let’s get started!