As if it isn’t hard enough to get motivated and finally take the first step to start an exercise routine, it sometimes is even harder to stay motivated and continue with it. Staying focused and achieving success can be easier if you follow these simple tips.

1. Chart your Progress: Everyone likes to see progress and when you have achieved success, write it down. You will be surprised what an impact charting your progress can have to your overall success.

2. Work towards a Particular Fitness Contest or Race: Sign up for a 5K, a moderate bike tour or try a small triathlon. Having a challenging race to work towards, can be the best form of motivation.

3. Socialize with Physically Fit Friends or Colleagues: Hanging with people of like minds who believe in taking care of themselves and participating in various physical fitness activities can definitely keep you on track.

4. Workout with a Partner: Having a friend or family member who also wants to stay committed to an exercise program can benefit both of you. Many times you may be lacking the energy or drive to go to the gym, having a good workout partner will ensure you both get to the gym.

5. Watch Fitness Shows or Read Motivating Fitness Books: Sometimes watching motivational health and fitness shows where participants who are also struggling with weight loss and seeing their success can really motivate you to do the same.

6. Visit your Doctor: A simple visit with your doctor can very often be an eye opener. Finding out your blood pressure or cholesterol is too high can be motivation enough to get on track, start eating healthier and exercising regularly.

7. Hire a Fitness Professional: Many people lack the education, understanding and motivation needed to start, and continue with an effective and safe exercise program. A certified fitness professional will have the credentials, experience and provide ongoing support to keep you motivated and committed to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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