If you are looking for a highly energetic class that is challenging and motivating, while offering a safe, well planned total body workout that will help you burn over 650 calories, increase strength, burn fat, improve your cardiovascular and get you the body you want, than Fusion Fit is for you. Fusion Fit takes our clients through a high intensity, progressive and varied program that is challenging, energetic and fun. No class is ever the same. Each Small Group Fitness Class will include a combination of Cardio, Strength, Agility, Core Training, Balance and Stabilization, Plyometrics, Functional Training and/or Body Only exercises. Fusion Fit incorporates Weights, Kettlebells, TRX Suspension, Boxing/Kickboxing, Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands, Agility Equipment plus Specialty equipment like Plyoboxes, BOSU’s, Battle Ropes, Sand Bags, plus much more. Although Fusion Fit offers all of this, there is no reason for anyone to feel intimidated. Our goal and passion is to provide the most beneficial total body program to all of our clients regardless of age, gender, and weight or fitness level. Our Certified Training Staff will customize your workout within our Small Group Class to accommodate your specific needs and abilities.

Fusion Fit is available at our facility with over 20 classes per week. We offer 2 classes in the morning, one afternoon class and two evening classes Mon thru Fri and three classes on Sat. Join today for $150 per month for unlimited classes which Includes Exclusive Gym Membership at our Fitness Studio, which is always clean and never crowded. Experience Long Beach’s best kept secret…

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