• What type of memberships do you have?

    We offer a month-to-month membership which means no commitment, no initiation fee, and no cancellation fee. We also offer Small Group and Personal Training packages that include membership. Contact us for more info.

  • What options do I have to pay for my membership?

    We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash.

  • Can I enroll and pay for my membership online?

    We offer member online services to buy packages, view schedules and make appointments. Enrolling for membership must be done in person at our facility.

  • What are your hours of operation?

    We are open 7 days per week: Mon thru Fri 5am – 9pm and Sat/Sun 7am – 5pm

  • What type of equipment do you have?

    We provide a large assortment of cardio equipment including treadmills, elliptical, steppers and stationary bikes. Weight training machines, cable machines, free weights and kettle bells. We also offer functional equipment including stability and medicine balls, resistance bands, balance and flexibility equipment plus much more.

  • Can I freeze my yearly membership?

    We allow all members to freeze their membership for any reason for $10 per month. Simply meet with a manager to assist you with this request.

  • Do you offer classes?

    We offer small group specialized classes to meet specific needs of our clients and members. Our classes range from 4 to 8 participants to offer the best experience for all clients.

  • Do you have daycare or babysitting available?

    Because we are a smaller, intimate facility, we are not able to offer childcare. However, we have partnered with local daycare centers that you can drop your children off while you workout. For more information and specific details please speak with our manager.

Weight Loss Programs

  • Do you offer complete weight loss programs?

    We offer comprehensive weight loss programs that will fit your individual needs.

  • What’s included in your weight loss programs?

    Most of our programs include a consultation, exercise programs, meal plans, cardiovascular programs and may include the following: Personal Training, Dietitian Consultation, Fitness Classes, Support Groups, and Coaching.

  • How do your weight loss programs work?

    Depending on the program you choose, you will initially have a meeting with a weight loss consultant to discuss you goals, past challenges and determine a success roadmap for the future. Once we have set up you weight loss program, we will assist you every step of the way to achieve you ideal weight.

  • Are meals included in your programs?

    Our meal programs do not consist of meals you have to purchase or follow. We design a meal plan which you follow and purchase your own food at your local or favorite grocery stores. If you so desire, we have partnered with local restaurants who will prepare food that will follow our suggested meal plans.

  • Do I have to buy supplements or shakes with your programs?

    You do not have to buy any supplements of shakes to follow our weight loss programs. Sometimes we might recommend certain shake or vitamins that might be helpful if you request.

  • What are the cost for your weight loss programs?

    Our weight loss programs vary based on your individual needs. Obviously, the more assistance you require, the more expensive the program will be. But we have very affordable programs you can start with to achieve success.

  • Can I modify or change your programs to fit my needs?

    All programs can be modified or customized to fit your individual needs, schedule, health issues, or special request. The best way to ensure this program will work for you is to design it around your personal preference.

  • Am I assigned a coach or trainer to help me?

    Every weight loss package includes a meeting with a weight loss consultant. Depending on which package or program you choose will determine the amount of help you will get.

  • Do I have to do weekly weigh ins and meet in a group?

    In order to keep you on track, we like to do weekly or bi weekly weigh in. However, these are done only with you and your weight loss coach. We offer support groups, but they are not required.

Personal Training

  • Do you offer personal training and what specialties do your trainers have?

    Our main focus is providing coaching and training to individuals who want to exceed their current fitness level. Our trainers have various certifications in personal training, nutrition, group fitness, flexibility, special needs, athletic training, rehabilitation and cardiovascular training.

  • What are the benefits of hiring a personal trainer?

    Personal training helps people reach their health and fitness goals by assessing your current fitness level, developing a progressive routine, provide expertise and ongoing support and motivation

  • What is the process if I would like to work with a trainer?

    Most clients work with our trainers 2 – 3 times per week. Your trainer and you will schedule your one – on -one workouts and create a program that will get you real results.

  • Do I have to be a member to work with a trainer?

    No. In fact one of the benefits of working out at Fusion is, if you currently work out with a trainer, your monthly access to our facility is complementary.

  • What type of personal training packages do you offer?

    We offer various packages to fit you individual needs. We have monthly packages which offer a greater discount and the best results or we offer punch card packages that you can use whenever you like. Our sessions vary between hour and half hour depending on your needs.

  • Can I purchase personal training online?

    Our website can direct you to our member login screen which will give you access to purchase training sessions and packages online at any time. Simply enter a user name and password to access your account.

  • Can I book my sessions online and check my schedule with my trainer?

    Yes. Simply login in to our member services and you can book a new reservation, confirm an appointment or check your future schedule.

  • Do I need to use my sessions within a certain timeframe?

    Depending on the package you purchased will determine the expiration date. We have monthly discount packages which must be used by the end of the month. Or we have punch card packages which must be used within 90 days. If you have a reason to postpone your sessions due to a personal or health issue, we can freeze your account.

  • How much are the personal training rates?

    We have various packages available to meet your personal and financial needs. For more information please call or meet with our manager at our facility.

Fitness Classes

  • Do you offer fitness classes as part of your membership?

    We offer small group classes that are additional to our membership fee. Most traditional gyms include classes as part of their membership fee. The problem with these classes is they are overcrowded and the instructor simply teaches in front of the class. We offer specialized small group training with a maximum of 8 people so the instructor can offer individual attention to each participant.

  • What type of classes do you offer?

    We offer a large assortment of classes based on the needs and wants of our members. Because our classes are small, we can specialize our class to your specific needs. Our most popular classes we offer now include Kickboxing, Kettle Bells, TRX Suspension Training, Fusion Fit, Power Yoga, Boot Camp, Jump for Cardio, plus many more. For more information on our classes, please contact a manager in our facility.

  • Do you have different level classes?

    Because we have small groups, we can put classes together of participants at the same fitness levels.

  • What times and days are your classes?

    We can schedule classes that works best with your busy schedule any day or time.

  • Do your classes fill up and what are my options?

    Because our classes have a maximum of 8 participants, our classes may fill up quickly. However, if you like a particular class and time, you can reserve your place in that class ahead of time.

  • Is there a fee for your classes?

    There is a fee for our small group classes because they are essentially taught by a personal trainer who will be assisting you and individually motivate and support you to achieve you best. Fee’s for classes vary based on how many you purchase for the month. For more details, please contact the manager in the facility.

  • Do you offer private classes for me and a couple of my friends?

    As long as our fitness studio is available and we have a minimum of 4 people in a class, we can design a private class specific to you and your friends.

  • Can you create a class that is not on your class roster?

    The best part about Fusion is we love to create new and exciting classes to invigorate and constantly challenge and inspire our members. So we can specifically design an out of the box workout routine to give you an out of this world workout. We welcome your suggestions and feedback… Simply contact our manager to make it happen.